As a wife and a mother of two boys, Lincoln and Milo, I’m surrounded by a lot of love in my life. I have always enjoyed photography, but it wasn’t until my sons were born that I truly cultivated a passion for it. Capturing the little details in my children’s lives helps me hold onto memories as they grow, and inspires me to do the same for others. Those small things add up to compose the portrait of our lives and I believe it’s important to capture those moments and hold them dear.

I try to create more than a photograph, but a piece of art that is both personal and timeless. Moreover, I love – love. Love of all kinds—baby love, wedding love—you name it, I love it. I like being able to focus on the simple things in life. Like the innocence of babies, the honest expressions of children, and the pride in their parents eyes; it’s so refreshing to me. I truly love what I do and hope to be able to capture moments for you that you will cherish for a lifetime... Thank you for checking out my site!